No two patients or their customized dental implant treatments are exactly alike, so the number of procedures and cost of dental implants varies depending on the person. There are no. of factors which decides cost of dental implant like


A. Choice of implant– there are many implant companies around the world which sells implant, so different companies have different advantages. I would like to sum them up according to their origin country.

a.  USA implant-  like nobel biocare,  there are pioneer in their feild, their implant are best but costly.

b.  SOUTH KOREAN implant- like ostem/dentium,  these are mid range implant which have good quality.

c. ISRALEAN implant- like adin/noris/alpha bio,  these are economical but i doubt on grade of titanium used.


B. Choice of abutment- generally straight abutment is supplied with implant but in some cases there is requirement of customised or angulated abutment which will cause you extra money.


C. Any additional surgical procedure– in many cases required bone for implant is less, so in these scenerio doctor will do some procedures like sinus lift, bone augmentations.  If these procedures are to be done then healing time and cost of implant both will increase.


D. Choice of crown- crown over the implant can be made with different material and with different techniques, like PFM crown, metal free crown, CAD-CAM crown.


From above given factors you can make choice from option a and b, but option b and c will be decided by doctor.