Extraction is the painless removal of whole tooth
or teeth or tooth root with minimal trauma to
gums, so that the wound heals
uneventfully and with no postoperative problems.


1. Peridontal disease (bone loss).
2. Severe non-restorable cavity.
3. Pulp pathology (pain).
4. Cracked/broken tooth.
5. Teeth in the line of a jaw fracture.
6. Impacted or mal-aligned teeth.
7. Supernumery teeth.
8. Teeth involved with cysts or tumors of the jaw.
9. Teeth removed due to orthodontic reasons.
10. Malposed or malpositioned teeth.
11. Teeth removed due to prosthetic considerations(cap and bridge work).
12. Teeth in the direct field for radiotherapy to the jaws may be removed prophylactically.
13. Over-retained milk teeth.
14. Teeth involved in the foci of infection.
15. Teeth removed due to esthetic reasons.