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TOOTH CAP -Tooth cap is a cemented restoration that covers or veneers the outer surface of the clinical tooth. The primary function of a tooth cap is to protect the underlying tooth structure and also restore the function, form and aesthetics

DENTAL BRIDGE- When a tooth/teeth are missing, tooth caps are joined to form bridge so that missing teeth can be replaced. It is also called as fixed partial denture.

Where is tooth cap and bridge given?/Indications

• First of all patients with short span edentulous arches
• Presence of healthy teeth that can provide sufficient support adjacent to the edentulous space.
• Cases with ridge resorption where a removable partial denture cannot be stable or retentive.
• Patient’s choice
• Also, Mentally compromised and physically handicapped patients who cannot maintain the removable prosthesis.

What are the contraindiactions of tooth cap/bridge?

• A large amount of bone loss due to trauma.
• In very young patients where teeth have large pulp chambers.
• Presence of periodontally compromised abutments.
• Long span edentulous spaces.
• Bilateral edentulous spaces, which require cross arch stabilization.
• Congenitally malformed teeth, which do not have adequate tooth structure to offer support.
• Mentally sensitive patients who cannot cooperate with invasive treatment procedures.
• Medically compromised patients (e.g. leukemia, hypertension).
• Furthermore very old patients.