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Single sitting RCT /Root Canal Treatment @ Rs 2000 only

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Single sitting RCT implies to cleaning, shaping
and disinfection of a root canal system and then  obturation(final filling of the roots) 
of the root canal at the same visit.

20 minute rct

Single Sitting RCT Advantages

  • Convenience (ease) : There is no pain of repeated local anesthesia or treatment procedure and post treatment recovery to the patient.
single sitting root canal treatment
  •  Efficiency: There is no need to refamiliarize  to patient’s particular anatomy or landmarks and this makes the work easy for the doctor and increases efficiency. 
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  • Patient comfort:  Single sitting RCT is more comfortable for patient because of reduced number of visits and injections.
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  • Reduced intra-appointment pain:  Leakage of the  temporary cements causes mid treatment flare up (swelling and severe pain) .  In Single sitting RCT cases there is no such problem.
single sitting rct procedure
  • Minimizes the fear and anxiety: Especially helpful for patients who have psychological trauma and fear of dentist.
single sitting rct cost
  • Reduces incomplete treatment: Some patients do not return to complete the root canal therapy, In Single sitting RCT there is no such risk.
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  • Lesser errors in working length: In multiple visits, the reference point could be lost because of fracture or grinding. And in case of flare-up leading to loss of actual working length.  In Single visit endodontics there is no such errors.
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  • Restorative consideration: In Single visit RCT immediate placement of coronal restoration ensures effective coronal seal and esthetics.
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  • It is tiring for the patients to keep their mouth open for long duration.
single sitting rct procedure
  • If midtreatment flare-up occurs , it is easier to establish drainage in a tooth which is not obturated. In case of obturated tooth, it is difficult to remove filling material.
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  • Clinician may lack the proficiency to properly treat a case in single sitting.
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  • Single sitting RCT can not treat some cases. For example cases with very fine, curved, calcified or multiple canals may not  be treatable in single visit. If hemorrhage or exudation occurs, it becomes difficult for the clinician to control and complete the case in same visit.
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  • Competence of the clinician: Clinician should have the ability to perform all the steps of root canal treatment in single sitting without compromising quality of the treatment.
single sitting rct cost
  • Positive patient acceptance: Patient should be very co-operative and prepared for the Single sitting RCT.  Noncooperative patients like patients with TMJ problems (clicking sound while opening the mouth or pain in front of the ear), limited mouth opening are not good candidates for single visit RCT.
single sitting rct procedure
  • Absence of anatomical problems : Anatomical problems like presence of fine or curved or calcified canals require more than usual time for the treatment. Teeth with such canals are better treated in multiple visits rather than in single sitting RCT.
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  • Accessibility:   Single visit RCT teeth should have good accessibility and visibility.
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