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RCT /Root canal treatment

RCT /Root canal treatment is the treatment of swollen and damaged roots(pulp). Teeth are made up of protective hard covering(enamel, dentin and cementum) and inside is a soft living tissue called pulp. Pulp chamber contains blood vessels, nerves, fibers and connective tissue. The pulp extends from almost the mid part of the crown of the tooth to the tip of the roots and it connects to the tissues surrounding the root. The pulp is important during a tooth’s growth. However, once a tooth is fully mature it can survive without the pulp, because the tissues around the tooth provides nutrition to it.

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Do I need Rct / Root Canal Treatment?

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Tooth pain can be sharp, intense or almost dull ache. Pain can be continuous throbbing and also it may decrease or increase after changing the posture (that is stand up, lie down, bend over).

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Swelling can either be very slight(reddish area) to quite pronounced which is visible on the face and/or neck and is an indication that the tooth needs RCT / root canal treatment. Pain may or may not occur.

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Traumatic dental injuries like hit or blow on the face can either expose the pulp or may disrupt the blood supply of the tooth. And such a tooth needs RCT / root canal treatment.

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Sensitivity to hot food is an indication of RCT / root canal treatment. Severe sensitivity to cold food that remains on even after removal of stimulus is also an indication of RCT / root canal treatment

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Bacteria causes tooth decay. As bacteria enters into the pulp they cause tissue destruction and spreads through the pulp and into the canal causing infection and hence needs RCT / root canal treatment.

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A crack in the tooth can expose dental pulp and such a tooth is very sensitive and painful and requires RCT / root canal treatment.

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An acute infection inside the tooth may result in the formation of gum boil. This fistulous track / boil is a drain of pus and hence needs RCT / root canal treatment.

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Darkened or discolored tooth may possibly suggest that pathological changes have taken place in its nerve space. And it may or may not be associated with any noticeable symptoms like pain or swelling and hence needs RCT / root canal treatment.

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Deep dental caries reaching dental pulp causes severe pain and thus needs RCT / root canal treatment.


Damage to tooth roots can occur due to  number of ways like tooth decay or gum diseases, accident or excessive pressure causing trauma to the tooth or occlusal trauma or any bone diseases etc.


When root becomes infected, it causes increased blood flow and more cellular activity, and pressure cannot be relieved from inside of the tooth. This causes pain. Pulp can even die without causing significant pain. Many a times pain occurs at night while sleeping.

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Root canal/Rct procedure

 Local anaesthetic is given to numb the area. After this a rubber dam is placed around the tooth to isolate it from saliva. Then the opening is made inside the tooth and very small sized endodontic files are used to clean the pulp from pulp chamber and root canals. After proper cleaning and shaping of root canals, they are filled with rubber like material called gutta-percha and this will prevent the bacteria from entering this space again.After  rct treatment, the doctor puts the crown or other restoration so as to restore the tooth to full function for chewing.

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Because tooth roots will not heal on its own, and the infection may spread around the tissues causing more  destruction of bone and supporting tissues . And this may cause tooth to push out of the socket. Root canal treatment is done to save the damaged pulp. Proper cleaning and shaping of the root canal is done and then filling is done with gutta-percha (rubber like) material to prevent further damage of the tooth. And then the tooth is permanently restored with crown with or without post. Only alternative to rct is tooth removal. And in conclusion after tooth removal replacing the tooth will be more costly.


It has been seen that more than 98 percent cases of rct treatment are successful. However sometimes due to unnoticed canal malformations(deformities) or instrument fractures or long standing case of huge periapical abscess or uncontrolled bone loss around tooth or non restorable crown or due to periodontal problem probably a root canal therapy may fail.


If you compare the benefits of saving a tooth to the cost of rct then cost will be negligible. Here at Ganpati dental clinic we provide rct treatment service at rs 2000 only.

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