Root Canal Failure & Things to do

A root canal failure occurs because of bacteria remain present in the root canal or find a way to reenter the tooth after treatment. This can happen because of incomplete removal of bacteria during the cleaning of the root of the tooth, another reason can be root has been partially treated.fvsdgfdgfdgvfd glfdngkjfhlkdsn,.mn,jxbjkdsbjdsb dmn fcvcbvcgbsdfsdvcfhbgjujlfgxfg

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Failure Rate of Root Canal

Can root canal be retreated?

The success rate for a root canal re-treatment is around 70%. Root canal treatments and re-treatments are a better alternative than extraction for most individuals. If a tooth has good bone support, a sound tooth surface and healthy gums beneath, then it stands a good chance of being saved by root canal re-treatment. Retreatment is almost identical to the original procedure except additional removal of root canal filling (gutta percha).