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Orthodontic/braces treatment is a dental treatment that deals with the prevention and correction of arrested, perverted and

abnormal development of teeth and jaws.

Braces can solve your following problems.

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Generally, this type of problem can be corrected with braces, and treatment usually takes 1.5 years. In order straighten your teeth, we need to remove 2-4 teeth and gap created will be filled by your teeth.

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Sometimes natural teeth comes out little outwards and it can lead to inability to close mouth. Treatment sometimes include removal of 2-4 teeth and treatment time can be upto 1-2 years

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When tooth size is smaller than jaw size, gaps may occur between teeth, Treatment include closing the gaps with braces and treatment can take upto 1-1.5 years.


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When more than 2 mm of gums are visible while smiling. Treatment includes intrusion(pulling out) of the teeth and treatment duration is 1.5-2 years.

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A smile correction is the process of improving the look of the smile with braces. Treatment includes de-rotation(moving to its proper position) of the teeth and straightening them.

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Cross bite is a condition where one or more teeth may be abnormally positioned buccally or lingually (that is either closer to the cheek or to the tongue) with reference to the opposing teeth.

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Open bite is a condition wherein the upper and lower teeth do not overlap(cover) each other.Treatment includes extrusion(pulling out) of the teeth.

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Deep bite is a condition when upper front teeth almost completely overlaps hides the lower front teeth.

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Rotated teeth refer to the condition  where one or more teeth are not aligned properly in relation to the adjacent and opposing teeth. In this position the tooth is turned on its long axis and is displaced out of its normal position.


Braces helps in following ways:
1. Improves dental and facial appearance.
2.  Restores proper chewing function of teeth.
3.  Prevents harmful oral habits.
4.  Decreases caries susceptibility and increases the cleansing capability
of the teeth.
5.  Eliminates periodontal pathology caused due to malocclusion of
6.  Corrects or prevents certain temperomandibular joint abnormalities.
7.  Aids in correction of speech defects.
8. Corrects malpositioning of teeth prior to construction of bridge work.
9.  Complements surgical correction of skeletal deformities.
10. Orthodontic treatment may be necessary for postaccidental treatment
of teeth loss or occlusal interference.
11. Improves the looks and hence, the confidence of the patient.


There is very less chances that any serious side-effect occurs because this treatment is done after lot of treatment planning and in very slow gradual manner. These risks can arise as a direct consequence
of placing an appliance or be secondary to the treatment itself.

  1. enamel decalcification/enamel fracture
  2.  root resorption
  3.  damage to pulp
  4. gingivitis
  5.  bone loss
  6. oral ulceration
  7.  allergic reaction
  8. appliance injury
  9.  tmj problems
  10. facial esthetics
  11. failure/relapse

Types of braces

Metal braces

Sometimes called “traditional braces,” metal braces have two essential parts. These are the metal section that is connected to the teeth and the bendable metal wire that is fixed through the sections  to apply force to the teeth and to move them. Most young people get this type of braces, because they are the slightest cheap form and are regularly the speediest method for moving teeth into their optimal areas.

Before, the sections and wires utilized for metal wings were more visible and could be irritating to the patient. The present metal supports are smaller and less detectable than they were previously. New innovation has likewise made wires that move teeth faster and with less problems than in years past. Now a days young patient  picks the shade of the elastic groups around each section, as this gives every person a chance to customize.

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Ceramic braces

ceramic braces were before an extremely prevalent alternative to metal braces. Since the ceramic braces were made up of ceramic material that is tooth colored and has a matching colour and surface as teeth, it would be very hard to see the ceramic braces on the teeth. Numerous orthodontists would likewise put tooth colored wires, so it becomes least noticeable(visible). Since they were far less noticeable than metal braces, ceramic braces became very popular.

ceramic braces are still suggested by a few orthodontists today. While they are more costly than conventional braces, they are far less noticeable and offer the patient a faster treatment than can be found with treatment like Invisalign. Like natural teeth, it may stain, if the patients were not serious and concerned to their cleaning habits.

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Lingual Braces

Basically they are metal bracket, with the exception of that they are hidden, instead of placed on the front surface of the teeth, lingual(towards the tongue surface of the teeth) supports have various advantages. They are equally good as those placed on front surface of the teeth, regardless of whether of metal or ceramic, however they can’t be seen from outside of the mouth. While they can be seen only when the patient opens their mouth.

Lingual supports have various disadvantages. They can be very difficult and hard to keep clean, as the patient can’t see the supports, nor is he used to cleaning the area that he presently needs to clean broadly. They  likewise make it hard to talk. Like every orthodontic treatment, there is an expectation to absorb information for discourse, however lingual supports are frequently more problematic than different sorts of brackets. Lingual braces are likewise not a good alternative for those that have severe orthodontic conditions that need broad treatment. What’s more, since they take longer treatment time and are more costly than traditional bracket, most patients don’t choose on this kind of treatment.

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Self-Ligating Braces

Like traditional metal and ceramic braces , self-ligating braces make use of the section and wire framework. This might be the sort of bracket that most orthodontist use today, yet many dentist still use a more traditional metal braces. This kind of braces have sections with clasps or entryways that holds the wire, rather than the elastic band tie framework. These brackets should hold less nourishment and be less problematic than different kinds of braces, and so they are  expected to lessen the quantity of problems to the orthodontist the patient needs to make.

This kind of braces can be found in both metal and ceramic brackets, however they are not the correct decision for each patient. While they do abbreviate treatment periods, they won’t give the majority of the highlights that a patient needs keeping in mind the end goal to have a fruitful orthodontic treatment.

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Procedure of Braces

1st stage : Alignment and leveling

Light, round flexible wires are used for initial alignment. Ni-ti wires or braided steel wires are used for initial alignment(straightening) and  stainless steel wires are used for
further straightening.
Leveling can be achieved into two ways:
• Extrusion— pulling teeth out.
• True intrusion- inserting teeth in bone.

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2nd stage : Correcting molar relationship
Closing extraction spaces

This can be done in two ways:
i. First, canines are pulled back and stabilized with the molar teeth, after that incisors are retracted.
ii.  all front teeth along with the canines are retracted. This requires excellent skills and procedure is little tough.

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3rd stage : Doing little changes in teeth position for final finishing.

• Adjustment of individual tooth positions
• Torque of incisors
• Correction of midline problems
• Finishing procedures to avoid relapse

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