Knocked out tooth

what is  Knocked out tooth?

Knocked out tooth is the completely displaced tooth from its socket.
This avulsion of the tooth is common in the age of 7-9 years but it can happen at any age, in the age of primary dentition or in teenage. most commonly in children, it is due to fall and in teenage it is mostly due to a sports injury.
Most commonly involved tooth -upper central incisor
Avulsion may include lip injury, chin injury and tooth supporting tissue injury.
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Avulsed Tooth

When a tooth gets knocked out 

What is not to be done –

  1. Do not Panic and don’t rush.
  2. Do not touch the tooth from the root side.
  3. Do not keep the tooth in any tissue, cotton, cloth, any empty box.
  4. Don’t store the tooth in water.
  5. Do not store it for a long time.
  6. If the tooth is out of the mouth for more than 60 minutes, the chances for survival decreases. Ideally, it should be replanted within 15 minutes.
  7. Don’t use regular tap water; root surface cells can’t tolerate that for an extended period of time.
  8. Do not use soap or chemicals.
  9. Don’t scrub or dry the tooth.

What is to be done –

  1. The first thing that you should do is to calm the injured child.
  2. Then look for the tooth and pick it up by the crown, do not touch the root.
  3. If dirty, wash the tooth under cold running water for a while again, make sure that you protect the root.
  4.  Reposition the tooth in the mouth, cover it with a soft cotton or instruct the child to bite it to hold it in place and go to the dentist so that he can check for the right position of the tooth and other defects like chipping and minor cracks in the tooth.  OR
  5.  Preserve the tooth in a glass of saline solution or a glass of milk or better yet in a container with saliva.
  6.  After preserving the tooth go to the dentist at once. The dentist will then assess the injury and replant the tooth immediately.

After Replantation

How long does it take to heal –

If the bone around the tooth was not fractured, the root usually will reattach firmly to the bone in about three to four weeks.
More damage to the area may require six to eight weeks of repair time.
You should visit your dentist for follow up.

Apart from Replantation 

  • Splinting (tying the tooth ) will be required to keep the injured tooth in place.
  • If blood flow to the root is damaged your dentist can still save your tooth by doing root canal treatment (RCT) after 7-10 days of Replantation and before the splint removal.
  • If you have lost your Avulsed tooth  you don’t have to worry, a missing tooth can be replaced by other dental treatments like capping.(add button of capping page)
  • If the root is broken then the tooth probably has to be pulled out. Is then replaced with the help of artificial fixed prosthesis, either capping or dental implant.

After Replantation care –

  1. Do visit your dentist for follow up.
  2. Try to avoid participating in contact sports.
  3. Go on a soft diet for at least two weeks.
  4. Try to maintain oral hygiene, use antiseptic mouth wash till splint is there in mouth.