Is Tooth Extraction Required in Braces treatment?

What is extraction? : Extraction means removing a tooth from its socket in the bone.

What is Braces/Orthodontic Treatment? : Braces/orthodontics treatment is for making smiles perfect. It may include pushing teeth backward or forward or for straightening the teeth.

Cases where extraction may be needed in Orthodontics.

Crowded teeth: crowded teeth mean when you don’t have room in your jaw to fit normally, your teeth can overlap each other or sometimes get pushed to the front or the back.

It may be due to-

  • improper eruption or shedding of teeth.

  • The imbalance between teeth and jaw space.

Crowding leads to-

  • Gum disease because of lack of cleanliness.

  • Decay

  • The facial appearance was not so pleasing.

  • So, it’s needed to be corrected orthodontically, an orthodontist can extract teeth and correct crowding.

Overbite: Overbite is when your upper front teeth overlap with your lower front teeth. (vertically)if it is more than 3 mm. It is called an overbite.

It may be due to –

Mostly this is growth issue .this condition may require jaw surgery for correction. With Extraction, the orthodontist can prevent surgery.

Protrusion (forwardly placed teeth): If teeth are forwardly placed and if there is no room in the jaw to move them in an ideal position (backward).

Tooth extraction can create space so that they can be moved backward with the help of braces.

Dental & Facial Asymmetries: When you look at any face, it must be a balanced look in his/her left & right and if the look is not balanced it is called Asymmetrical. It is actually issued of looks.

Sometimes extraction along with braces can help in achieving the dental & facial symmetry.

Is Tooth Extraction Necessary in orthodontic treatment

Which teeth need to be extracted in orthodontics?

Mostly premolars (teeth behind your canine) are extracted to create space for backward positioning of front teeth Because extraction of premolars includes less sacrifices of future aesthetics & function.

How many teeth need to be removed in orthodontic treatment?

Chances are there that it may need the removal of 4 teeth from each side of the face so that symmetry can be attained.

Is extraction done before or after the placement of braces?

It would be easier for your orthodontist to extract the tooth after braces placement, And if it is done prior you have to wait for 8-10 days so that socket can heal.

is it painful &what are the other side effects? (possible)

No extraction will not be actually painful.
you may feel the pinch of the needle because your dentist will give you an injection of anesthesia to numb the area. You will feel back & forth pressure that is used to loosen teeth.
Other possible side effects –
  • Pain & swelling.
  • Slow healing
  • Bleeding
  • Difficulty in mouth opening.
(These all are temporary side effects)

Orthodontic treatment results with extraction –

Treatment results can also be achieved by non-extraction treatment plan but whenever the extraction is performed, it has been found that a better facial profile is achieved along with dental results.

Can extraction be prevented?

Yes, extraction can be prevented by monitoring of child dental development and visiting dentist right from the age of  7-8 years so that your orthodontist can check for alarming signs of future misalignment of teeth, like –
  • Delayed shedding of milk teeth.
  • Delayed eruption of permanent teeth.
  • Jaw size and tooth number issues.