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Digital Smile Design is a software that allows dentist and technicians to realise the digital project of the aesthetic and functional smile rehabilitation through simple and automatic tools.

The Digital Smile Design  Software allows manipulation of the position, shape or dimensions of each tooth individually to achieve the best possible look and fit.

This allows dentist to show to the patient the preview of the treatment results, giving lab technicians all the necessary information to give the desired outcome.

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Advantages of Digital Smile Design

Esthetic diagnosis

Digital photography and digital analysis enables dentist to visualize and analyse better(which gets unnoticed clinically). Drawing of refrence lines and shapes over extra and intra oral digital photographs can be easily done using software.and it allows precise evaluation of results obtained in every treatment phase.

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Treatment planning and communication

Main goal of Digital Smile Design is to simplify communication and transfer important information from patient’s face to the working cast and then finally to the final restoration. It allows effective communication between team members including lab technicians. All team members can access information whenever necessary using shared files and changing and adding new elements during the diagnostic and treatment phase. 

 Traditionally, lab technicians uses restorative wax up in Digital Smile Design. They create shapes and arrangements according to the restricted information , instructions and guidelines provided by the dentist. Technicians were not given enough information so that he can use his skills at this best and the best restoration that will truly satisfy the is missed. Treatment co ordinator develops a personal relationship with the patient and takes the responsibility for smile design, the results are likely to be superior. With this important information and from 2D  Digital Smile Design. Lab technician can make a very good 3D wax up, with emphasis on planes of reference, tooth sarrangement, incisal edge position, midlines etc.

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Treatment sequence is organised on the slide with photographs, videos, reports, drawings and graphics making the analysis simple and effective. Comparison between pre and post treatment images can be determine whether it is done according to the planning or not or any other procedure is required to produce the desired results or not. Lab technician also gets the feedback. This double checking ensures higher quality product will be delivered to the patient.

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Patient care

Digital Smile Design helps in motivating the patient and helps in educating them in a better way by comparing and showing pre and post treatment images.

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