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A space between adjacent teeth is called a

Midline diastema refers to anterior midline
spacing between the two front central incisors.


A. Physiologic median diastema/ ugly duckling stage

•It is a transient or self correcting malocclusion which is seen in the maxillary incisor region between 8-9 years. It is particularly seen during the eruption of the permanent canines.
•As the permanent canines erupt they displace the roots of the lateral incisors mesially.
•This causes a divergence of the crowns of the two central incisors causing a midline spacing.

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B. Smaller size of tooth

•Microdontia refers to teeth that appear smaller in size compared to normal.
•In this case the jaw size is normal but the size ofthe teeth is small which produces diastema between the teeth.

C. Bigger jaw size

It is a  anomaly characterized by an abnormal large jaw. In this case the size of the tooth is normal but because of the increase in size of jaw, it results in spacing.

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D. Abnormal labial frenum

The presence of a thick and fleshy labial frenum can cause a midline diastema.This type of fibrous attachment can prevent the two upper central incisors from
approximating each other.

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E. Habit- thumb sucking/tongue thrusting

a) Thumb sucking
•Thumb sucking is defined as placement of the thumb or one or more fingers in various depths into the mouth.
•It can cause severe proclination of the maxillary anterior teeth along with formation of diastema

b) Tongue thrusting
•This is a condition in which the tongue makes contact with any teeth anterior to the molars during swallowing.
•It also causes proclination of anterior teeth along with diastema and open bite.


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cost of orthodontic treatment

A. Braces/orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment can help you to close space between teeth. All treatment options in braces can help you to close gap, you can choose according to your need and pocket.

During orthodontic treatment will also treat abnormal habits and labial frenum. And if problem diagnosed early, abnormal jaw size can also be prevented. 

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B. Crowns and bridges

Crown and bridges can close gap between teeth. In some cases like missing teeth or smaller tooth size, it is good option. but proper planning and designing is require  because closing gap can lead to increase in width.

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C. Dental veneers

Dental veneers can help you in closing gaps,changing smile. It is done where doctor dont want reduce your teeth much and retention feature can be acheived.

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D. Direct veneers/composite/fillings

Procedure is almost same as of dental veneers, only difference is dental filling is done on the same day and lab venners are first fabricated in lab then pasted on your teeth.

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